World’s Largest Scrap Metal Sculpture by Dr. Evermor

The Forevertron, cited by Guinness as the world's largest scrap metal sculpture.
Close-up photo of the Forevertron.

We really couldn't believe our eyes!

Ready, aim, fire!

Fantastic voyage.

Also a big attraction at Dr. Evermor’s Art Park is the Bird Band, which consists of 70 sculptures, some of which can actually play music.

Every band needs a conductor, so here it is!


Orchestra Toot the horn!


The Overlord Control at Dr. Evermor’s Art Park. To protect us from space invaders?

The Juicer Bug, a Giant Spider.

A Member of the Bird Band.


And no sculpture park is complete without cats.

Creature from Dr. Evermor's imagination.

A Popcorn Machine.

Don’t even think of stealing these sculptures - they’ve got big guns at the park!

They have landed..

According to Road America Magazine: "One of America's Top Ten Most Interesting Sites".

Forevertron is located between Sauk City, Wisconsin and Baraboo, Wisconsin on Highway 12.

From a distance, Dr. Evermor’s "park" in Wisconsin, USA looks like a junk yardfull of twisted metals and rusted machines, but it houses one of the coolest sculptures ever: Forevertron. Standing at 120 feet wide, 60 feet deep, 50-foot tall, and weighing 320 ton, this behemoth of an artwork is billed as the world’s largest scrap metal sculpture.

All components of Forevertron are salvaged from old bits and pieces of machineries between 50 to 100 years old, and are welded and bolted together for stability. Its components include a pair of bipolar electrical dynamos constructed by Thomas Edison in the late 19th century and a decontamination chamber from the Apollo space mission. The top of the sculpture is a copper-clad glass ball, meant to be Dr. Evermor’s space capsule!

Dr. Evermor is actually artist Tom Every, 70, who used to be an industrial wrecking and salvage expert. He spent decades collecting scrapped machines and other mechanical ephemera. In 1983, Every retired from his business, renamed himself Dr. Evermor and began to build Forevertron and other whimsical scrap metal structures.

Ever the prankster, Every explained the story of Dr. Evermor as such:

As Every tells the story of Evermor: "When he was a child, Dr. Evermor witnessed a massive electrical storm with his father, a Presbyterian minister. Asked where lightning came from, his father told Evermor that such awesome power could come only from God. From that day on, Evermor dedicated his life to constructing an antigravity machine and spacecraft that would catapult him from the phoniness of this world to the ultimate truth and power of the next.

"Dr. Evermor believes that if he can ever figure out a way to combine magnetic force and electrical energy, he can propel himself through the heavens on a magnetic lightning force beam," Every said. "That glass ball inside the copper egg is his space ship. There’s also an antigravity machine (made from an early X-ray machine), a teahouse for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert to observe the event, a telescope for bystanders to watch as Evermor flies off to his meeting with God, and a listening machine that will transmit Evermor’s message back to Earth when he arrives at his ultimate destination."