Some More Weird Russian Kids Playgrounds

Going a step further in the world of Russia Kid’s Playgrounds…

This one is in the Moscow downtown.

It can symbolize some dragon but what are those bowls there on top?

What’s this device for? It also has a personality.

This is 100% clear thing. It’s a copy of Moscow city Kremlin. An example of highly fortified children playground.

The guy to the left looks like some Chineese or Japaneese samurai?
There is also a sign on the background “Dangerous Zone”. Is it because of this playground?

A lot of rude words written on this pig.

This one is really scary. But you can step inside.
Also the snow on this photo lays strangely. There is an illusion that snow spreads from this monster.

These are swings with a mermaid. The author thinks that kids should go natural and understand that mermaids don’t wear swimsuits.

People say that this one was built to commemorate the rabbit who turned into wolf at midnights.

Headless sculptures can teach kids that they should value their heads? The grown up from the left side is more than headless - it may show the trend that more you grow up the less body remains structured.

These are just nice.

Gothic style playgrounds.

The Most Weird Russian Kids Playgrounds 1