Breathtaking Sky Art

Sky Art 1

It looks like sky was the primary source of inspiration for these images. Enjoy.

Sky Art 2

Sky Art 3

Sky Art 4

Sky Art 5

Sky Art 6

Sky Art 7

Sky Art 8

Sky Art 9

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Great Supermarket Photo


Photograph titled “Supermarket Seizure” by Christopher Brennan for your enjoyment: [view full size]

Unique Laptop Case

My Document Laptop Case

This unique laptop case was designed by 25togo. It is made out of yellow vinyl and measures 27.3cm x 28.5cm x 3.8cm.

“My Document” series also includes a digital camera case, a music player case, and a wallet.

Laptop Case

At this time, product pricing and availability has not been announced.

Creative Statues Promoting London Ink

London Ink Swimmer

London Inc, a new reality TV show from The Discovery Channel, has commissioned two giant statues to be build and installed in London for promotion.

The first statue is located near London Bridge and is 46-feet long and 10-feet high. It features a life-like swimmer swimming through the grass. The statue is made out of polystyrene and is hand painted to resemble human flesh.

The second statue is located at Victoria Station. If features a giant woman trying to get into a photo booth.

A spokeswoman for The Discovery Channel said: “We created these because we want people to interact with them. We want people to get out their camera phones and take pictures of them, and of their friends with them. We want to create a real stir.”

London Ink Swimmer 2

London Ink Swimmer 3

London Ink Swimmer 4

London Ink Swimmer 5

London Ink Swimmer 6

London Ink Swimmer 7

London Ink Swimmer 8

London Ink Statue

London Ink Statue 2

London Ink Statue 3

London Ink Statue 4

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World’s Highest Escalator

World's Highest Escalator 2

The highest escalator in the world is located in the Umeda Sky Building, the seventh-tallest building in Osaka City, Japan.

This 173m (568ft) structure consists of two 40-story towers that connect at their two uppermost stories. It was designed by Hiroshi Hara and constructed by Takenaka Corporation in 1993.

World's Highest Escalator

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World's Highest Escalator 3

World's Highest Escalator 4

World's Highest Escalator 5

World's Highest Escalator 6

World's Highest Escalator 7

World's Highest Escalator 9

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art

Julian Beever is an English artist who has been creating 3D chalk drawings on pavements since the mid-1990s. He makes his art using a projection technique called anamorphosis. When viewed from a particular angle, this technique creates the illusion of 3D.

Beever’s “trompe l’oeil” (”trick of the eye”) chalk art is so convincing that people try to avoid potholes he has drawn in the pavement.

According to the author, the “secret is to set up a camera on a tripod and keep it in one spot and check every mark you make. It’s really just playing with perspective to make it appear different to what it really is.

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art 2

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art 3

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art 4

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art 5

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art 6

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art 7

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art 8

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art 9

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art 10


World’s Oldest Skyscrapers

World's Oldest Skyscrapers

Shibam, a town in Hadramawt, Yemen, is considered to have the world’s oldest skyscrapers. It has about 7,000 inhabitants and all of the town’s house are made out of mud bricks. Some of these structures rise 5 to 9 stories high.

This technique of building was implemented in order to protect residents from Bedouin attacks. While Shibam has existed for around 2,000 years, most of the city’s houses come mainly from the 16th century.

Shibam is often called “the Manhattan of the desert”.

World's Oldest Skyscrapers 2

World's Oldest Skyscrapers 3

World's Oldest Skyscrapers 4

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World's Oldest Skyscrapers 5

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Cutting Board With Integrated LCD Display

Cutting Board With Integrated LCD display

This futuristic cutting board with integrated LCD display was designed by Marc Nardangeli [Nardo Design]. It features flexible touchscreen LCD display that shows cooking instructions while you prepare your meal.

In addition, new recipes can be downloaded straight to the board. Furthermore, the entire board is made out of eco-friendly components to help preserve the environment.

Digital Cutting Board With Integrated LCD Display

Cutting Board With Integrated LCD Display 2

Cutting Board With Integrated LCD Display 3

Cutting Board With Integrated LCD Display 4

At this time, this cutting board with integrated LCD display is just a concept. Therefore, do not expect to walk into your local store and buy one of these boards. However, as the prices of LCD screens continue to drop, we could see something like this in the future.