9 Highest Statues of the World

Ushiku Amida Buddha, Japan, 120 Meters Tall.

Ushiku Daibutsu Amida Buddha in Japan is the world's tallest freestanding bronze statue. Completed in 1995, it stands a total of 120m above the ground, including the 10m high base and 10m high lotus platform. An elevator takes visitors up to 85m off the ground, where an observation floor is located.

Yellow Chinese emperors Huangdi and Yandi, China, 103 Meters Tall.

The second highest statue in the world is located in China and its of two ancient Yellow Chinese emperors Huangdi and Yandi. Its height is 103 meters.

"The Motherland". Kiev, Ukraine, 102 meters tall.

Kiev's statue of the Motherland, also a memorial of the Great Patriotic War (World War II) in Kiev, Ukraine. The statue itself is 62 meters tall, the overall height is 102 meters.

Peter The Great, Russia, Moscow, 96 meters tall.

Tsereteli's 96-meter-tall statue of Peter the Great on the Moskva Riverbank, Moscow is one of the tallest in the world. The statue cost $20 million to build.

Statue of Liberty, USA, New York, 93 meters tall.

Liberty Enlightening the World, known more commonly as the Statue of Liberty, is a colossal statue given to the United States by France in 1886, standing at Liberty Island, in the mouth of the Hudson River in New York Harbor as a welcome to all visitors, immigrants, and returning Americans. The copper statue, dedicated on October 28, 1886, commemorates the centennial of the United States and is a gesture of friendship between the two nations. the Statue of Liberty is 46.5 meter high and together with the pedestal it reaches 93 meter.

"The Motherland calls". Russia, Volgograd, 82 meters tall.

Colossal statue on the Mamayev Kurgan heights overlooking Volgograd, "The Motherland calls" used 7900 tons of concrete and steel in a dramatic sculpture design by Yevgeny Vuchetich. Motherland is the name of several huge statues in various cities of the former Soviet Union. All of them commemorate the Soviet victory in the Great Patriotic War (World War II).
For scale, note the person at the base of the statue.

Buddha near Lanshan, China, 71 meters tall.

The Leshan Giant Buddha is a statue of Maitreya in sitting posture. The Buddha is located to the east of Leshan City, Sichuan Province, at the confluence of three rivers, namely, Min River, Qingyi River, and Dadu River. The statue makes itself the most renowned scenic spot in Leshan City. Begun in the year 713 in the Tang Dynasty, and finished in the year 803, the statue took people more than 90 years to carve. As the biggest carved stone Buddha in the world, Leshan Giant Buddha is featured in poetry, song and story. Facing the river, the Buddha has symmetrical posture and looks which have been beautifully captured in its solemn stillness. It is 71 meters (233 feet).

"Christ the Redeemer", Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, 38 meters tall.

Statue of Christ the Redeemer is a large Art Deco-style statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The statue stands 38 m (125 feet) tall and is located at the peak of the 710-m (2330-foot) Corcovado mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park, overlooking the city.
As well as being a potent symbol of Christianity, the statue has become an icon of the city, its open arms seen by many as a testament to the warmth of the Brazilian people.

God of Longevity in the Meng Shan mountains near Pingyl, Shandong, China.