San Fermin Bull Run Fiesta

The festival of San Fermín in the city of Pamplona (Spain), is a deeply-rooted celebration held annually from 6 July untill 14 July. If New York is the city that never sleeps, Pamplona is the village that never sleeps, well at least for 1 week every year ! This rural village in the heart of Spanish Basque land pays homage to bulls with arguably the greatest party in the world. Run with the bulls on the streets or rent an overlooking balcony for the perfect Birdseye view. Dance, drink and sing the nights and days away - it’s all here.

The Bull Run The Bull run is 800 metres long divided in 2 legs. The first from the bull pen to Calle Estafeta (iron borders swing across the street separating the 2 legs) and the second from Calle Estafeta to the Bull Ring.

Pick 1 leg to run the first has a few bends and some excellent singing to the saint San Fermin, the 2nd leg is straight, easier and finishes in the Bull Ring in front of about 40,000 spectators.

Wooden and iron barricades are bordering the streets about 7ft. tall each side along the route. This blocks off side streets, gives spectators an excellent view and also provides runners with an entrance or escape route to the run. There are gaps narrow enough to block a bull but wide enough for a person to slip through.

At 8am a rocket is set off to alert townsfolk that the bulls have been released, though shouts of "¡Ahí va! ¡Ahí va!" (There it goes, there it goes) warns people the bulls are near. Non-runners head for the barricades or climb onto balconies.