High Tech Digital Ring

High Tech Digital Ring

This high tech digital ring, titled Vibering, was designed to help deaf people sense noises that are emitted from behind.

It is almost impossible for the hearing-impaired to detect noises behind themselves and beyond their sight. For example, they fail to take notice of a vehicle’s horn somewhere at the back or a friend’s alarming cry; this often results in an exposure of unforeseen emergencies.

Vibering consists of two rings and a wristwatch. The ring enables the bearer to feel its vibration when there are any specific noises at the rear. The noise-detective signal of the ring is set to identify precise information from the wristwatch window at the same time. [link]

High Tech Digital Ring 2

Vibering, thanks to its unit designing of rings and a wristwatch, gives easy-to-wear and less-aversion approaches to the hearing impaired, while having satisfied two targets fashionably and functionally.

High Tech Digital Ring 3

High Tech Digital Ring 4

High Tech Digital Ring 5